Tower-Base to Top

Towers and Maintenance

Our diverse array of towers, with locations and heights to fit your coverage needs are available throughout India. We continuously build and acquire new towers in an effort to broaden our coverage across the country.

We have a very cost-effective business model, with multiple tenant leasing, which is a winning solution for all our business partners.

  • GBT (Ground – Based Towers)Our portfolio consists of 8,000+ collocation-friendly (GBT) which are mostly installed in rural and semi-urban areas because of the easy availability of land. We build towers catering to various wind-speeds so as to optimize the overall site cost.
  • MonopolesIn urban areas, where acquisition is a major challenge, monopoles are an apt ground based solution. We have installed monopoles in public places like children’s parks and rotary islands where they blend with the site aesthetics.
  • Low-Cost  SolutionsAn innovative low-cost multi-tenant solution, which requires a low foot print area often used where land acquisition is a challenge, mostly in urban and semi-urban areas.
  • COW (Cell on Wheels)Installing (COW)s to expand your wireless network coverage at special events like major sporting events, large conventions or in disaster areas where your coverage may have been compromised.

We are slowly moving towards eco-friendly power solutions where we feature solar power and bio-gas based power solutions.